TitleA protocol for a multicentre, parallel-group, pragmatic randomised controlled trial to evaluate the NEVERMIND system in preventing and treating depression in patients with severe somatic conditions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsCarli, V, Wasserman, D, Hadlaczky, G, P. Gebrewold, N, Carletto, S, Citi, L, Dinis, S, Gentili, C, Gonzalez-Martinez, S, De Leonibus, A, Meyer, B, Ostacoli, L, Ottaviano, M, Oukanin, S, Paradiso, R, Poli, R, Rocha, I, Settanta, C, Waldmeyer, MT, Valenza, G, Scilingo, EP
JournalBMC psychiatry
Date Published03/2020