The Research Center “E. Piaggio” of the University of Pisa is devoted to multidisciplinary research in the fields of bioengineering and robotics, and to the training of personnel for careers in Research and Development.

The Center is one of the oldest multidisciplinary research and tech transfer centers in Europe, where scientists from different disciplines converge to combine their expertise and know how to generate knowledge and provide research and training facilities.
To pursue its research mission, in the 1980’s the Center became an Interdepartmental Center of the University of Pisa, affiliated with both Engineering Departments (Aerospace; Electrical Systems & Automation; Information; Mechanical, Nuclear and Production; Chemical) and Science Departments (Mathematics; Chemistry). Furthermore, the Italian Council of National Research (CNR) participates in Centro Piaggio through the Institute of Clinical Physiology, in Pisa, and the Institute for Applications of Calculus M. Picone in Rome. In 2012, the Center has been promoted to a departmental rank as University Research Center "E. Piaggio".

Because of its multidisciplinary character, the Center caters for the contribution of many researchers and professors of different fields of knowledge, ranging from engineering to mathematics, medicine and psychology, paving the way for the convergence of research in technological, scientific and humanistic fields. The Center cooperates with private and public companies to study specific applied problems that need advanced or innovative solutions, thus providing an instrument to bridge the gap between academic and industrial research.

Researchers from most university Departments and research institutions contribute their technology and research providing a truly interdisciplinary environment. Laboratory facilities comprise machine-shop, electronic, optics and fiber-optic measurement and testing, microfabrication facilities, a chemical and a cell culture laboratory.


Research and Education

Currently, the Center has two main research groups, Robotics and Bioengineering, to which contribute some 100 researches of the University of Pisa, the CNR and other institutions. It has promoted spin-off projects, and it has opened laboratories and activated conventions with some hubs of industrial technology in the region of Tuscany, such as the hubs of Navacchio, Cecina and Piombino.

The Center is currently involved in several European projects, and is part of few European Networks of Excellence: HYCON (Hybrid Control and Embedded Systems), EURON (Robotics), CONET (Cooperating Objects and Sensor Networks).

The Center cooperates with enterprises, companies and industries, including BMW, FERRARI GeS, Magneti Marelli Powetrain, Piaggio, ENEL, Kayser Italia, ESA, ASI, DARPA, Telethon, ENEA, etc..

The Reserach Center "E.Piaggio" carries on an intense activity in basic and applied research, as testified by both the quality and the amount of scientific publications.

The Center co-organizes and provides support to a Laurea (Bachelor) degree in Biomedical Engineering, two Laurea Specialistica (Master) degrees in Automation and Robotics and in Bioengineering, and to the PhD School in Automation, Robotics and Bioengineering.

Amongst its teaching activities are the creation of an International Curriculum Option for Doctoral Studies in embedded systems and automation, comprehending 18 European Universities, and the project Asialink for the advanced formation in Bioengineering of some Far East countries (Philippine and Indonesia).