Feel-ING s.r.l. develops and implements innovative products and services with high technological value, in particular:

  • design and development of hardware and software systems and algorithms for monitoring and advance analysis of biomedical data, psychophysiological and behavioral variables;
  • research, development and application of ICT systems in the bioengineering field;
  • theoretical and applied research in the bioengineering field, and its commercialization and dissemination;


IVTech  is a prize winning  start-up originating from the University of Pisa and hosted at the Research Center “E.Piaggio”.  We design in vitro technologies for the development of physiologically  relevant  tissue models  and for the reduction and refinement of animal tests. All our devices permit in situ live -imaging and can be linked together  to simulate multi-organ systems.


Qbrobotics aims to foster innovation and drive the diffusion of the pioneering technologies that will propel the next generation of robots. The future of robotics is soft, which means that technology should bring current tools closer to human beings. Soft robotic technologies is the next step in the direction of safe and high performance engineering and qbrobotics aims to free these groundbreaking technologies from a constrained scientific environment, and bring them to everyone day life.

ADATEC - sensing & automation

ADATEC s.r.l. progetta, sviluppa e commercializza prodotti innovativi ad alto contenuto tecnologico

ADATEC nasce nel 2009 dopo una decennale esperienza nel campo della ricerca avanzata e dello sviluppo tecnologico nei campi dell’ingegneria Elettronica, Informatica, Automazione industriale e Biomedica.

Kirkstall Ltd

Kirkstall has developed the Quasi-Vivo® system, to provide ‘in-vivo-like’ conditions for cell growth.

The system allows individual cell culture chambers to be connected together to culture individual cell types or tissue under a dynamic nutrient flow, allowing cell-to-cell signalling between and within each chamber.

Pure Power Control s.r.l.

Pure Power Control is a partner of OEMs and conventional powertrain suppliers for the development of hybrid propulsion systems; a system-level design of hybrid powertrains; a developer and producer of  powertrain control systems; a provider of engineering services (concept development, architectural exploration and system optimization, modeling and simulation, control system design and implementation); a supplier of electronic control systems (co-designed with OEM for best integration and optimization of control functionalities).