TitleAdaptive Simultaneous Position and Stiffness Control for a Soft Robot Arm
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
Conference NameProc. IEEE Int. Symp. Intelligent Robots and Systems
Date PublishedOctober
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsTonietti, G, Bicchi, A

In this paper, an independent joint position and stiffness adaptive control for a robot arm actuated by McKibbenartificial muscles is reported. In particular, {\em muscular} nd {\em dynamic} parameters of the system are supposed unknown. Adaptive control performance is tested in a one degree of freedom experimental setup and compared with PID control performance. The adaptive control scheme is then applied to a robot arm that is conceived to perform tasks in an anthropic environment. The adaptive control developed is such that performance of the robot arm is very similar to this of human arm. Experimental results are reported.

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