TitleOn Time-Optimal Trajectories for Differential Drive Vehicles with Field-Of-View Constraints
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
Conference NameIEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC2014)
Pagination2191 - 2197
AuthorsCristofaro, A, Salaris, P, Pallottino, L, Giannoni, F, Bicchi, A
Conference LocationLos Angeles, USA, December 15-17
ISBN Number978-1-4799-7746-8
KeywordsEmbedded Control, Robotics

This paper presents the first step toward the study of minimum time trajectories for a differential drive robot, which is equipped with a fixed and limited Field-Of-View (FOV) camera, towards a desired configuration while keeping a given landmark in sight during maneuvers. While several previous works have provided a complete synthesis of shortest paths in case of both nonholonomic and FOV constraints, to the best of our knowledge, this paper represents the first analysis of minimum time trajectories with the two constraints. After showing the extremals of the problem at hand, i.e. straight lines, rotations on the spot, logarithmic spirals and involute of circles, we provide the optimal control laws that steer the vehicle along the path and the cost in terms of time along each extremal. Moreover, we compare some concatenations of extremals in order to reduce the complexity of the problem toward the definition of a sufficient finite set of optimal maneuvers.

Refereed DesignationRefereed
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