TitleFluid dynamics in porous scaffolds stimulated with cyclic squeeze pressure in the S2PR bioreactor
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
Conference NameGruppo Nazionale Bioingegneria IV Congresso
AuthorsFerroni, M, Giusti, S, Spatafora, G, Boschetti, F, Ahluwalia, A
Conference LocationPavia, 25-27 June

In cardiac tissue engineering, the use of bioreactors is fundamental for applying controlled mechanical stimuli on the cells and recreate a physiological environment for cardiomyocytes cultures. This work is focused on an innovative Sensorized Squeeze PRessure (S2PR) bioreactor, able to apply a periodic contactless hydrodynamic pressures on 3D porous constructs. The fluid-dynamic environment inside the bioreactor was fully characterized using computational models, focusing on the pressures and fluid velocity profiles generated in the porous scaffold during the cyclic stimulation.