TitleAn equivalent of Kronecker's Theorem for powers of an Algebraic Number and Structure of Linear Recurrences of fixed length
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsDubbini, N, Monge, M
JournalActa Arithmetica

After defining a notion of epsilon-density, we provide for any integer m>1 and real algebraic number alpha an estimate of the smallest epsilon such that the set of vectors of the form (t,t^alpha,...,t alpha^{m-1}) for tR is epsilon-dense modulo 1 in terms of the multiplicative Mahler measure M(A(x)) of the minimal integral polynomial A(x) of alpha, which is independent of m. In particular, we show that if alpha has degree d it is possible to take epsilon = 2^{[d/2]}/M(A(x)). On the other side we show using asymptotic estimates for Toeplitz determinants that we cannot have epsilon$-density for sufficiently large m whenever epsilon is strictly smaller than 1/M(A(x)). In the process of proving this we obtain a result of independent interest about the structure of the Z-module of integral linear recurrences of fixed length determined by a non-monic polynomial.


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