TitleA Compatible Electrocutaneous Display for functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging application
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
Conference NameProc. 28th IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsHartwig, V, Cappelli, C, Vanello, N, Ricciardi, E, Scilingo, EP, Giovannetti, G, Santarelli, MF, Positano, V, Landini, L, Bicchi, A
AbstractIn this paper we propose an MR (Magnetic Resonance) compatible electrocutaneous stimulator able to inject an electric current, variable in amplitude and frequency, into the fingertips in order to elicit tactile skin receptors (mechanoreceptors). The desired goal is to evoke specific tactile sensations selectively stimulating skin receptors by means of an electric current in place of mechanical stimuli. The field of application ranges from functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) tactile studies to augmented reality technology. The device here proposed is designed using safety criteria in order to comply with the threshold of voltage and current permitted by regulations. Moreover, MR safety and compatibility criteria were considered in order to perform experiments inside the MR scanner during an fMRI acquisition for functional brain activation analysis. Psychophysical laboratory tests are performed in order to define the different evoked tactile sensation. After verifying the device MR safety and compatibility on a phantom, a test on a human subject during fMRI acquisition is performed to visualize the brain areas activated by the simulated tactile sensation.
Notes(poster presentation)