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Second Cycle Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering

Please register for the exam at http://servizi.ing.unipi.it

Lecturer Part I: Prof. Antonio Bicchi
Teaching Assistants
Part I: Ing. Paolo Salaris, Ing. Giorgio Grioli, Ing. Felipe Belo

Office hours:
Prof. Bicchi: Wednesday starting from 2.30 PM
Teaching Assitants: Thursday 3.30 - 5.30 PM

Course program:




During the academic year, there are seven testing days: three in the first exam session (January-February), three in the second (June-July), and one in the third  (September).
The results of a written exam are valid only within the same session.
An exception can be made only for those students enrolled in the course but who have failed to graduate within the prescribed period of time. If they have passed the written exam with a satisfactory mark, they can schedule an oral exam either in November or April. However, this is left up to the discretion of the professor. No written exams will be given outside the three aforementioned sessions.



The course is divided into two parts:
1) Automatic Control (Ing-Inf 04)
2) Robot Mechanisms (Ing-Ind 13).

This page refers to automatic Control. The lecturer of Robot Mechanisms is Prof. Marco Gabiccini.

  • The programme of the second part for the year 2007-2008, adopted from the Second Course of Robotics, is available at the webpage of Robotics Course.
  • The programme and material of the second part for the years 2003-2006 are available at this link. Such material (Control and Optimal Filtration) is still a useful integration to the study of the topic.
  • During the year 2006-2007 the second part was adopted from the course od Technologies for Industrial Automation.
  • During the year 2002-2003 the instructor of the second part was prof. A. Landi.



A. Bicchi - Notes (Preliminary Version) - PDF Hypertext (ITALIAN)


Projects developed by students on the basis of the second written text:

Bertolucci, Celi, Evani, Sgorbini (Simulink relation and schemata) (ITALIAN)

Exercises (by Lucia Pallottino, ITALIAN):

  • Standard and Canonical Forms [File Matlab]
  • Optimal Estimation [File Matlab]: Esercizio e Soluzione
  • Estimation of Inverse Pendulum [File .zip]
  • Stability of Non-Linear Systems [File PDF]
  • Exercises on Jordan [File PDF]
  • Exercises on Bode [File PDF]
  • Exercises on answers to tipical signals [File PDF]
  • Exercises on graphics of the second order solutions [File PDF]
  • Exercises on Routh criterion [File PDF]
  • Exercises on stability [File PDF]
  • Exercises on attainability, feedback and observability [File PDF]
  • Exercises on connection of systems in series, parallel and feedback [File PDF]