Outcome for the selection procedure for one position of professional collaboration as psychologist - project NEVERMIND

After the interview with the candidates, the evaluation panel has seleced the following candidate:

Dott.ssa Elena Lucchetti


Mechanical Engineer - deadline March 25, 2016

The Center is part of few European Networks of Excellence and is currently involved in several European projects.
Among these projects, there is the upcoming H2020 EU-funded SoftPro (starting date March 1st, 2016), which aims at studying and designing soft synergy-based robotics technologies to develop new prostheses, exoskeletons, and assistive devices for upper limb rehabilitation.

To contribute to the research activities and technological developments of SoftPro project, we are looking for a highly motivated, outstanding Mechanical Engineer with a solid background in mechanics and/or robotics and a proven experience in hardware and mechanism design and analysis. The successful candidate should have an excellent first degree in mechanical engineering or related areas and a proven experience in CAD design and hands-on skills in assembling and testing of mechanical components.

The candidate has to show good knowledge of design software tools (PTC Creo or equivalent) and the ability to interact with workshops, manufacturers and suppliers. Familiarity with laboratory and testing equipment, sensors and actuators is warmly welcome together with a pro-active mindset and result oriented attitude. 

The perspective engineer will work on the design and technological development of human-robot interfaces and wearable devices for haptic feedback and assistive-rehabilitative applications, with special focus on patients with motor impairments. Furthermore, the perspective engineer will also focus on tactile sensors and instrumented objects to study human grasping. Applications of the aforementioned devices to other fields of medical robotics will be also considered. 

Workplace: Pisa (Italy)

A competitive salary, dependent on experience, will be offered.

The position will last for 24 months with potential for renewal.

Interested applicants should submit in electronic form their CV to Dr. Matteo Bianchi ( matteo.bianchi@centropiaggio.unipi.it ), stating "MECHANICAL ENG SOFTPRO" in the subject of the e-mail, by March 25, 2016 NOON, Italy time (Local time: GMT+2).


PhD Research fellowship for a neo-graduate in Bomedical Engineering/similar fields.

The candidate will  join the  transdisciplinary "BioModels" group and participate in a project funded by the LAV, involving activities related to the development of innovative technologies for the reduction, refinement and replacement of animal tests. Specifically the aim will be to develop an embedded system which mimics the physiology and fluidynamics of the alveolar microenvironment as a replacement for forced inhalation tests which are currently conducted on rats.

Requirements:  Masters degree in Biomedical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

Deadline May 2016. Please send a cv with references to: arti.ahluwalia@centropiaggio.unipi.it


General Information

Undergraduate, Graduate, and PostDoctoral positions may be available in the areas of:


Embedded Control Systems
Hybrid Systems
Real-time Control
Optimization Cooperations and Localization of Autonomous Agent
Industrial Robotics Technologies
Control of Nonholonomic Systems
Wireless Sensor Network



Intelligent materials (muscle-like actuators and sensing materials)
Smart Wearables
In-silico models
Brain bioimaging and confocal microscopy
In-vitro models
Brain-machine interaction
Affective computing



For further information, or to submit your CV, contact:



Past Positions

  • Post-Doc position available at the Research Center ''E. Piaggio'' of the University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy), related to the modeling, design and development of wearable haptic devices. Selected candidate will work on the modeling, design, development and correct/optimal exploitation of the information from systems for kinematic/force tracking of human/robotic hand; wearable systems for haptic interaction or tele-operation, with information about softness and/or texture. Part of the work will be also devoted to the numerical model of contact of human finger with different external stimuli for haptic exploration.
    The deadline for application is May 9th 2014.
    All details are available at: PDFCVT

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    For further details, please contact:

    Dr. Matteo Bianchi (matteo.bianchi@centropiaggio.unipi.it)
    Prof. Enzo P. Scilingo (e.scilingo@centropiaggio.unipi.it)
    Prof. Antonio Bicchi (bicchi@centropiaggio.unipi.it)