General Information

Current positions

The Research Center "E. Piaggio" is going to open a study scholarship for graduate master students in Computer, Biomedical or Bionics Engineering.

The topic of the scholarship will be the analysis of neuron morphology from microscopy.

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Undergraduate, Graduate, and PostDoctoral positions may be available in the areas of:


Embedded Control Systems
Hybrid Systems
Real-time Control
Optimization Cooperations and Localization of Autonomous Agent
Industrial Robotics Technologies
Control of Nonholonomic Systems
Wireless Sensor Network



Intelligent materials (muscle-like actuators and sensing materials)
Smart Wearables
In-silico models
Brain bioimaging and confocal microscopy
In-vitro models
Brain-machine interaction
Affective computing


Positions may also be available in the areas of project management and scientific communication.

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