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Current positions

The Research Center "E. Piaggio" is going to open a study scholarship for graduate master students in Computer, Biomedical or Bionics Engineering.

The topic of the scholarship will be the analysis of neuron morphology from microscopy.

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Undergraduate, Graduate, and PostDoctoral positions may be available in the areas of:


Embedded Control Systems
Hybrid Systems
Real-time Control
Optimization Cooperations and Localization of Autonomous Agent
Industrial Robotics Technologies
Control of Nonholonomic Systems
Wireless Sensor Network



Intelligent materials (muscle-like actuators and sensing materials)
Smart Wearables
In-silico models
Brain bioimaging and confocal microscopy
In-vitro models
Brain-machine interaction
Affective computing


Positions may also be available in the areas of project management and scientific communication.

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Past Positions

  • TWO full-time Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD positions for research and development of new data analysis methodologies for 1) brain dynamics, and 2) autonomous nervous system activity in mixed reality settings. Applications will be in the fields of computational neuroscience, neuroeconomics, psychophysiology, and affective computing. Deadline November 2018.  For more information click here.


  • Post-Doc position available at the Research Center ''E. Piaggio'' of the University of Pisa (Pisa, Italy), related to the modeling, design and development of wearable haptic devices. Selected candidate will work on the modeling, design, development and correct/optimal exploitation of the information from systems for kinematic/force tracking of human/robotic hand; wearable systems for haptic interaction or tele-operation, with information about softness and/or texture. Part of the work will be also devoted to the numerical model of contact of human finger with different external stimuli for haptic exploration.
    The deadline for application is May 9th 2014.
    All details are available at: PDFCVT

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