Human-Relevant Models Group

Our research is centered on the development of physiologically relevant human-based models at the milli, micro and nanoscale for application to disease models, tissue engineering, toxicity testing, and as alternatives to animal experimentation. To achive this goal we use an integrated approach, based on:

In vitro ModelsIn silico Models

Advanced In-vitro Models are engineered combining biofabrication,  bioreactors, biomimetic and smart materials with the aim of mimicking tissue architecure, biomechanics and dynamic conditions.

Computational and analytical tools are used to model and design living systems, mimicking natural intelligence in silico.



Human-Relevant Model People

Arti AHLUWALIA,  Full Professor

Chiara MAGLIARO,  Assistant Professor

Ludovica CACOPARDO, RTDA Researcher

Ermes BOTTE,  PhD Student

Nicole GUAZZELLI, PhD Student

Piera MANCINI, PhD Student

Rachele FABBRI, PhD Student


Current Research Projects

PATROLS: Development of advanced safety assessment tools for improved prediction of the adverse effects caused by chronic ENM - Engineered Nano-Materials - exposure in human and environmental systems.

ORGANOMICS: Integration of induced pluripotent stem cells derived organoids with micro-and nano-technologies.

SINERGIA: Metabolic scaling, adapation and cooperation in vitro.


We want you!

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Spin Offs and Start-ups

Kirkstall Ltd UK has licensed several patents from the group.

IVTech is a spin-off of University of Pisa dedicated to the commercialisation of in-vitro technologies to replace animal tests.


Contact info:

Arti AHLUWALIA                                                                                              Chiara MAGLIARO 

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