The S2PR (Sensorized Squeeze PRessure) bioreactor is an innovative system for long term cell-culture and tissue engineering developed and patented by our team. 

It is a compact, portable and easy to use bioreactor, with a high flexibility and reliability, able to apply a cyclic hydrodynamic and non-contact overpressure (the squeeze stimulus) using a simple vertical piston movement. This kind of stimulation is particularly useful for neo-tissue or fresh-constructs seeded with articular chondrocytes, cardiomyocytes or endothelial cells. In fact, these cells require a dynamic environment to maintain their differentiate state, but at the same time do not tolerate direct compression or high shear stress.

The S2PR bioreactor is composed of three main parts: a transparent chamber, a base with a construct brace and a piston. When the piston moves down, it creates a local overpressure on the bottom part of bioreactor, in which the cells are placed, without touching the construct. In order to apply the desired stimulus, the system is provided with a force sensor placed under the bioreactor chamber.

The bioreactor was realized using easy to sterilize and biocompatible materials. The chamber for cell culture is housed inside a frame, and a dedicated electronic system interfaced to a PC allows frequency and velocity control of the piston's motion. .

See also: Video on Motherboard, sponsored by ENEL S.p.a.

Patented: PI2009A000033 EP10.003330 PCTT/IB2010/000885




Winner of TR-35 - Innovation Under 35 Italia Area BIO 2013, Organized by MIT Technology Review (Italian Edition), Padua, Italy

Finalist at "Altran Foundation for Innovation Award 2012", about "Bioengineering and Stem Cells: ideas for life", organized by Fondazione Altran Italy, Monte Porzio Catone, Rome, Italy


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Related Publication:

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