TitleShared-autonomy control for intuitive bimanual tele-manipulation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
Conference Name2018 IEEE-RAS 18th International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids)
AuthorsLaghi, M, Maimeri, M, Marchand, M, Leparoux, C, Catalano, M, Ajoudani, A, Bicchi, A

Existing dual-arm teleoperation systems function on one-to-one coupling of the human and robotic arms to fully exploit the user's dexterity during bimanual tele-manipulation. While the individual coordination of the robot end-effectors can be necessary for complex and asymmetric tasks, it may result in a cumbersome user experience during symmetric bimanual tasks (e.g. manipulating and carrying objects). In this paper we propose a novel framework that includes the one-to-one direct control and a new shared autonomy strategy. The user can autonomously choose between the two, and if the new one is selected the robots move in a coordinated way, in which desired positions are extrapolated from the movements and gestures of just one users arm. These gesture commands are interpreted and handled by the control, with the purpose of unloading the users cognitive burden. Lastly, the tele-impedance paradigm, i.e., the remote control of robot impedance and position references, is applied to both controls, to improve remote physical interaction performances. The paper reports on the overall proposed architecture, its implementation and its preliminary validation trough a multi subject experimental campaign.