TitleReal Time and In-Situ control of environmental parameters in a modular bioreactor
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
Conference NameJournal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
Edited Volume6 Suppl 1
AuthorsGiusti, S, Mazzei, D, Ahluwalia, A
Conference LocationVien, Austria

Many researchers now recognize the importance of the external environment in which cells are cultured for cell function and differentiation. Most of the systems able to apply physiological-like stimuli also need a classical incubator or a specifically designed system to control the environmental parameters at some distance from the cells. Here, a standalone platform for cell, tissue and organ culture is described. The SUITE (Supervising Unit for In-vitro Testing) system can control local environmental variables like pH, temperature and hydrostatic pressure over long periods, to provide the optimal environment for cells outside the classical incubator and also to apply mechanical and chemical stimuli to simulate the physiological milieu. The SUITE platform is used with Multi-Compartmental modular Bioreactors (MCmB) to perform dynamic cultures of hepatocytes as in-vitro liver model. Preliminary tests demonstrated the capability of the system to maintain the target parameters for more than 72 h generating different hydrostatic pressures (20–30–40–50 mmHg). Then, two bioreactors were connected in series and cultured for 24 h in the SUITE platform with hydrostatic pressures of 20–30–40 mmHg. Static and dynamic controls were placed in the classical humidified incubator at 37°C, 5% CO2. The results show that cell function is enhanced in SUITE at up to 30 mmHg of hydrostatic pressure, as confirmed by viability, metabolic function and morphological analysis.

PubMed ID22941753