TitlePerception of visual and tactile flow activates common cortical areas in the human brain.
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
Conference NameProceedings of the EuroHaptics 2004 (Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany June 5-7, 2004)
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsRicciardi, E, Vanello, N, Dente, D, Sgambelluri, N, Scilingo, EP, Gentili, C, Sani, L, Positano, V, Santarelli, MF, Guazzelli, M, Haxby, JV, Landini, L, Bicchi, A, Pietrini, P

We report results of a pilot study using functional magnetic resonance imaging aimed at determining the neural correlates of tactile flow. We hypothesized that brain response to tactile flow would involve the same cortical areas (V5/MT) that respond to optic flow. Our results showed that V5/MT cortex indeed is activated by tactile flow perception. These findings are consistent with a supramodal organization of brain regions involved in optic and tactile flow processing.

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