TitlePerception of Optic and Tactile Flow Both Activate V5/MT cortical complex in the human brain
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2004
Conference Name10th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsVanello, N, Ricciardi, E, Dente, D, Sgambelluri, N, Scilingo, EP, Gentili, C, Sani, L, Positano, V, Santarelli, MF, Guazzelli, M, Haxby, JV, Landini, L, Bicchi, A, Pietrini, P

V5/MT complex responds selectively to perception of optic flow (Morrone et al., Nature Neurosci , 2001). Since similarities exist between visual and tactile perception, we hypothesized that tactile flow might also rely on V5/MT response. We and others have shown recently that visual extrastriate cortical areas respond both during visual and tactile recognition of objects, indicating that these regions are organized in a supramodal fashion. In this study, we measured neural response evoked during visual and tactile perception of coherently moving dot patterns to test the hypothesis that V5/MT may be supramodally organized and may respond also to tactile stimulation.