TitleA Novel Tactile Display for Softness and Texture Rendering in Tele-Operation Tasks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
Conference Name IEEE World Haptics Conference
Publication Languageenglish
AuthorsBianchi, M, Poggiani, M, Serio, A, Bicchi, A
Conference LocationChicago, USA, 22-25 June 2015
Accession Number15347088
KeywordsHaptics, Robotics

Softness and texture high-frequency information represent fundamental haptic properties for every day life activities and environment tactual exploration. While several displays have been produced to convey either softness or high-frequency information, there is no or little evidence of systems that are able to reproduce both these properties in an integrated fashion. This aspect is especially crucial in medical tele-operated procedures, where roughness and stiffness of human tissues are both important to correctly identify given pathologies through palpation (e.g. in tele-dermatology). This work presents a fabric yielding display (FYD-pad), a fabric-based tactile display for softness and texture rendering. The system exploits the control of two motors to modify both the stretching state of the elastic fabric forsoftness rendering and to convey texture information on the basis of accelerometer-based data. At the same time, the measurement of the contact area can be used to control remote or virtual robots. In this paper, we discuss the architecture of FYD-pad and the techniques used for softness and texturereproduction as well as for synthesizing probe-surface interactions from real data. Tele-operationexamples and preliminary experiments with humans are reported, which show the effectiveness of the device in delivering both softness and texture information.


This work is supported in part by the European Research Council under the Advanced Grant SoftHands “A Theory of Soft Synergies for a New Generation of Artificial Hands” no. ERC-291166, and by the EU FP7 project (no. 601165), “WEARable HAPtics for Humans and Robots (WEARHAP)”

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