TitleThe need of innovative technologies for new 3D relevant in-vitro models and the answer of Ivtech
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
Conference NameALTEX Proceedings
AuthorsSbrana, T, Mattei, G, Giusti, S, Ahluwalia, A
EditorDagmar, J, Horst, S
Conference LocationPrague, Czech Republic

New relevant in-vitro models are priorities in pharmaco-toxicology, cosmetic and food research to reduce the animal tests. Therefore, invivo models show ethical issues, are not time and cost effective and are progressively showing scientific limitations: for instance they fail in detection of pathogens that are species specific (Mazzoleni et al., 2009). The search of more relevant pre-clinical models forced the researcher to move from 2D to 3D in-vitro models in order to maintain the phenotype of cells (Lovit et al., 2013; Mattei et al., 2014). Even if the significant progress in material science, the metabolic requirement of 3D tissues is higher than a 2D culture and the scaffold is a limitation in nutrients transport. Dynamic cell culture chambers are then required to assure the gas/nutrient supply, waste elimination, mechanical stimulation of cells, study of cross talk between different tissues and real time monitoring of cells. Nowadays the only systems that meet all these specifications are the Ivtech technologies. Ivtech is an innovative Italian start-up that grows up to solve the needs of in-vitro experts, offering and customizing several type of transparent, dynamic and modular cell culture systems, organizing workshops and training. The goal is to expand the 3D approach and permits a significant evolution towards highly relevant in-vitro models.