TitleA multi-stimuli environment for cardiac tissue engineering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
Conference NameTERMIS 3rd World Congress
AuthorsTirella, A, Ahluwalia, A, Di Nardo, P, Gaudiello, E, Giusti, S, Pagliari, F
Conference LocationVienna, Austria
KeywordsBioengineering, Bioreactors, Dynamic 3D Cultures

The identification of the ideal cell source to generate cardiac tissue able to integrate into the host myocardium and with the contractile system is crucial for cardiac engineering. Amongst different cell sources so far proposed, human adult Cardiac Progenitor Cells (hCPCs) show the ability to proliferate and differentiate toward cardiac lineages when grown in appropriate microenvironmental conditions. It is widely accepted that conventional 2D cultures may provide a physiological environment for growing cells. For this reason the need to have an engineered microenvironment, matching physiological requirements, is crucial. A 3D context with spatial and time varying distribution of regulatory factors using mechanically matched scaffolds and bioreactors could represent an in vitro cell culture model being able to more closely reflects the in vivo conditions. In the present study, the possibility of using biocompatible and biodegradable scaffolds of collagen based or derivatives hydrogels in combination with Linneg/Sca-1pos hCPCs gathered from human heart biopsies was investigated. Bio-constructs were placed in the low shear, high flow MCmB (MultiCompartment modular Bioreactor) and the combined effects of dynamic culture conditions and 3D scaffolds on cell morphology and differentiation were studied in order to investigate the possibility of fabricating stem cell-derived cardiac patches to replace infarcted tissue.