TitleLeft invertibility of output-quantized MISO linear systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2011
Conference Name2011 Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control - IFAC2011
Pagination11278 - 11283
Date PublishedAugust 28 - Sept
Publication Languageeng
AuthorsDubbini, N, Monge, M, Bicchi, A
Conference LocationMilano, italy
KeywordsEmbedded Control, Robotics

This paper studies left invertibility of single-output discrete-time quantized linear systems. Quantized outputs are generated according to a given partition of the state-space, while inputs are sequences on a finite alphabet. Left invertibility deals with the possibility of recovering unknown inputs from the only knowledge of the outputs. It is reduced, under suitable conditions, to left D-invertibility: while left invertibility takes into account membership to sets of a given partition, left D-invertibility considers only membership to a single set, and is easily (and algorithmically) detectable. Our main result is a sufficient condition for the equivalence between left invertibility and left D-invertibility in MISO system. In unidimensional systems the equivalence is valid except at most a finite (and computable) number of cases. These results allows the effective detection of left invertibility by means of left Dinvertibility, which is algorithmically detectable. An example with effective computations is presented to show the application of the proposed method.

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