TitleI-CLIPS Brain: A Hybrid Cognitive System for Social Robots
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
Conference Name Living Machines 2014
AuthorsMazzei, D, Cominelli, L, Lazzeri, N, Zaraki, A, De Rossi, D
Conference Location Milan, Italy, July 30 – August 1
ISBN Number978-3-319-09434-2

Sensing and interpreting the interlocutor’s social behaviours is a core challenge in the development of social robots. Social robots require both an innovative sensory apparatus able to perceive the “social and emotional world” in which they act and a cognitive system able to manage this incoming sensory information and plan an organized and pondered response. In order to allow scientists to design cognitive models for this new generation of social machines, it is necessary to develop control architectures that can be easily used also by researchers without technical skills of programming such as psychologists and neuroscientists. In this work an innovative hybrid deliberative/reactive cognitive architecture for controlling a social humanoid robot is presented. Design and implementation of the overall architecture take inspiration from the human nervous system. In particular, the cognitive system is based on the Damasio’s thesis. The architecture has been preliminary tested with the FACE robot. A social behaviour has been modeled to make FACE able to properly follow a human subject during a basic social interaction task and perform facial expressions as a reaction to the social context.