TitleDaily-life tele-monitoring of motor performance in stroke survivors
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
Conference NameProceedings of XIII International Symposium on 3D Analysis of Human Movement
Date Published17 July 2014
AuthorsVeltink, PH, van Meulen, FB, van Beijnum, BJF, Klaassen, B, Hermens, HJ, Droog, E, Weusthof, MHH, Lorussi, F, Tognetti, A, Reenalda, J, Nikamp, CDM, Baten, CTM, Buurke, JH, Held, J, Luft, ARL, Luinge, H, De Toma, G, Mancuso, C, Paradiso, R

The objective of the EU project INTERACTION is to develop an unobtrusive and modular sensing system for objective monitoring of daily-life motor performance of stroke survivors. This will enable clinical professionals to advise their patients about their continued daily-life activity profile and home training, and evaluate and optimize rehabilitation programs.A modular textile-integrated sensing system was developed and performance and capacity measures were proposed and clinically tested in stroke subject.Telemonitoring facilities were developed and tested. In the last stage of the project, the system will be tested during daily-life.