TitleDaily-Life Monitoring of Stroke Survivors Motor Performance: The INTERACTION Sensing System
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTognetti, A, Lorussi, F, Carbonaro, N, De Rossi, D, De Toma, G, Mancuso, C, Paradiso, R, Luinge, H, Reenalda, J, Droog, E, Veltink, P

The objective of the INTERACTION Eu project is to develop and validate an unobtrusive and modular system for monitoring daily life activities, physical interactions with the environment and for training upper and lower extremity motor function in stroke subjects. This paper describes the development and preliminary testing of the project sensing platform made of sensing shirt, trousers, gloves and shoes. Modular prototypes were designed and built considering the minimal set of inertial, force and textile sensors that may enable an efficient monitoring of stroke patients. The single sensing elements are described and the results of their preliminary lab-level testing are reported.