SAPHARI - Safe and Autonomous Physical Human-Aware Robot Interaction

Recent progress in physical Human‐Robot Interaction (pHRI) research showed in principle that human and robots can actively and safely share a common workspace. The fundamental breakthrough that enabled these results was the human-centered design of robot mechanics and control. This made it possible to limit potential injuries due to unintentional contacts.

PSYCHE project

PSYCHE project is focusing on mental diseases management, in particular it is targeting bipolar patients. The project will use a novel approach based on the paradigm that a 24 hours monitoring in a natural setting, through a naturalistic approach will provide parameters, indexes and trends; that will be used to assess mood status, to support patients, to predict and anticipate treatment response at its earlier phases, to prevent relapse and to alert physicians in case of critical events.

Main scientific objectives are:

CHAT - Control of Heterogeneus Automation Systems

2008 - 2012. Scalability, reconfigurability, and security are three aspects of paramount importance in developing efficient, predictable, and safe control architectures for large-scale networked industrial automation.
At present, the state of control systems technology is such that the supervision and control of larger and more complex plants cannot be achieved without considerable costs in terms of hard infrastructure and software development.

THE Hand Embodied

THE Hand Embodied refers to the “hand” as both a cognitive entity – standing for the sense of active touch – and as the physical embodiment of such sense, the organ, comprised of actuators and sensors that ultimately realize the link between perception and action.