Automation and Drives




Laurea Magistrale in Tecnologia e Produzione della Carta e del Cartone

Prof. Antonio Bicchi
Ing. Danilo Caporale
Ing. George J. Pollayil

The course aims to provide students with the fundamental elements of automatic systems theory for the purpose of analyzing the main properties of dynamic systems, such as encountered in machines and plants for the production of paper and/or cardboard, and the design of control systems to make their behavior comply with given specifications (more info)

Mathematics (differential equations, matrix algebra, notions of geometry). Basic knowledge of physics (mechanics, electromagnetism) and chemical engineering.


  • Katsuhiro Ogata, "Modern Control Engineering", Prentice Hall
  • Antonio Bicchi. “Fondamentals of Automation - Part I";
  • Danilo Caporale, Silvia Strada, “Automatica - Raccolta di esercizi risolti, con appendice MATLAB'', 2015, Pitagora, ISBN 88-371-1915-1

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A. Bicchi: Appunti di Regolazione e Controllo Fondamenti di Automatica - I Parte PDF - (English version in preparation)




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