Our research is centered on the development of physiologically relevant in-vitro models at the milli, micro and nanoscale for application to disease models, tissue engineering, toxicity testing, and as alternatives to animal experimentation, combining:


Research Group 

Arti AHLUWALIA,  full professor

Chiara MAGLIARO, Post-Doc Researcher

Ludovica CACOPARDO, Post-Doc Researcher

Joana COSTA, Post-Doc Researcher

Ermes BOTTE,  PhD Student

Licia DI PIETRO, PhD Student

Roberta NOSSA, Post-Doc Researcher

Nicole Guazelli, PhD Student


Research Projects

MICACT: a MSCA-ITN project for the development of EAP - Electro-Active Polymers - micro-actuators for advanced miniaturized devices.

MALI: Development of a breathing lung to replace forced inhalation tests (founded by LAV - Lega Anti Vivisezione).

PATROLS: Development of advanced safety assessment tools for improved prediction of the adverse effects caused by chronic ENM - Engineered Nano-Materials - exposure in human and environmental systems.

ORGANOMICS: Integration of induced pluripotent stem cells derived organoids with micro-and nano-technologies.

SINERGIA: Metabolic scaling, adapation and cooperation in vitro.


We want you!

Elenco tesi LM e Triennali disponibili (aggiornato a Marzo 2020).


Spin Offs and Start-ups

Kirkstall Ltd UK has licensed several patents from the group.

IVTech is a spin-off of University of Pisa dedicated to the commercialisation of in-vitro technologies to replace animal tests.


Contact info:


Research Center "E. Piaggio" - University of Pisa
Via Diotisalvi, 2
56122 Pisa, Italy

Phone +39 050 2217062

email: arti.ahluwalia@unipi.it