The activities of the In Vitro Models Group are focused on the investigation of integrative physiology in-vitro through the development and study of physiologically relevant models of organs and multi-organ systems, or Organomics. 

Our research is centered on the development of physiologically relevant in-vitro models at the milli, micro and nanoscale, combining BioreactorsCell Imaging and Soft and Smart Materials for application to disease models, tissue engineering, toxicity testing, and as alternatives to animal experimentation.    


Research Group 

 T. Sbrana, G. Mattei, D. Cei, S. Giusti, Prof. A. Ahluwalia, C. Magliaro

Missing:  J. Costa, A. Callara


The NanoBioscopy Lab

The NanoBioscopy Lab, jointly run by the Research Center E. Piaggio and the Department of Biology, is dedicated to the engineeering and imaging of microenvironments for the study of physiological and disease models


Research Projects

ReLiver: bottom up reconstruction of hepatic tissue

InLiveTox: multi organ model for the detection of nanomaterial toxicity

MIND: acutated environments for multi-dimensional models of ageing 

BioAMD: study of anti-ageing nanomaterials in biomimetic ocular environments

OS4BME: higher education in Africa

Cellular Beacons: Development of nano and cell based sensors for micro environment monitoring (collaborative project with KUT, Taiwan)

MALI: Development of a breathing lung to replace forced inhalation tests


Spin Offs and Start-ups

Kirkstall Ltd UK has licensed several patents from the group.

IVTech is a spin-off of University of Pisa dedicated to the commercialisation of in-vitro technologies to replace animal tests.


Contact info:

Prof. Arti Ahluwalia

School of Engineering - University of Pisa
Via Diotisalvi, 2
56122 Pisa, Italy

Phone +39 050 2217062