Ludovica Cacopardo

PhD Student
Centro di Ricerca "E.Piaggio"
Università di Pisa


Ludovica received her master degree in Biomedical Engineering in Pisa (2015). In the same year, she joined the PhD Program of the Information Engineering Deparment (University of Pisa), mainly working at the 'Enrico Piaggio Research Centre'. During her PhD she spent 3 months at the Canadian company CellScale (Waterloo, Ontario), collaborating on some product development.
Her research is mainly focused on 'Smart Bioreactors', i.e. on the integration of sensors in  advanced cell culture systems for real-time monitoring of cellular impedance and tissue micromechanics. The former can be used for measuring the formation and function of physiological barriers, while the latter to study tissue development and fibrosis formation during culture. One of the main goal is, therefore, the design of 'dynamic in-vitro models', able to mimic both the spatial and temporal variations that happen in-vivo. 

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