CEEDs - The Collective Experience of Empathic Data Systems

In a wide range of specialist areas – such as astronomy, neuroscience, archaeology, history and economics – experts need to make sense of and find meaning in very large and complex data sets.  Finding meaningful patterns in these large data sets is challenging.  By comparison, looking for a needle in a haystack could seem pretty simple!  Foraging for meaning in large data sets is a bottleneck that is becoming more challenging as scientific research creates and works with bigger and bigger data sets (the data deluge).

Biomimetic & Smart Materials, Biomechanics and Biofabrication

Water is the main constituent of biological tissues. Biocompatible hydrogels and hydratable porous networks (e.g. porous polymer scaffolds, decellularised tissues) have been developed and characterised at different length scales to be used as scaffolding materials for 2D and 3D cell cultures or to encapsulate cells and nano-particles (e.g. pH sensors, ROS scavengers). Using different approaches, our final goal is to engineer and fabricate complex microenvironments with controlled features (e.g.


Biomedical Engineering in Pisa has its roots in the Center. Multidisciplinary by its very nature, the research on Bioengineering is directed at studying, mimicking, and supporting the human body using dry and wet materials, sensing and actuation and intelligent wetware, software and hardware.The Center is also a hub for Biomedical Engineering students.

PSYCHE project

PSYCHE project is focusing on mental diseases management, in particular it is targeting bipolar patients. The project will use a novel approach based on the paradigm that a 24 hours monitoring in a natural setting, through a naturalistic approach will provide parameters, indexes and trends; that will be used to assess mood status, to support patients, to predict and anticipate treatment response at its earlier phases, to prevent relapse and to alert physicians in case of critical events.

Main scientific objectives are:


The Research Center "E.Piaggio" is an interdisciplinary research center of the University of Pisa dedicated to frontier research in the study and engineering of Natural and Artificial Intelligent Systems.