Linking statistical physics, bioengineering, hydrology and fluid mechanics with metabolic theories of ecology across microbial ecosystems: theory and high-throughput experiments". Financed by the SNF Sinergia Programme, the project   aims to develop a comprehensive theoretical and experimental framework for predicting resource usage and allocation to living organisms in the presence of pertubations. The applications and impacts cover several fields from environmental science, to ecology and bioengineering

EXPERIENCE: The “Extended-Personal Reality”: augmented recording and transmission of virtual senses through artificial-IntelligENCE

Social media has transformed the way we communicate through text, images, and videos. Despite recent technological avenues, virtual reality (VR) has not been incorporated in social platforms, hence limiting the comprehensive sharing of an EXPERIENCE. This project makes real the complex interplay between multisensory perception, emotional responses, past experiences, and perspective of the future also by disentangling the mental representation of self in space and time.

ECMB - Elementi costruttivi di macchine biomediche

Obiettivi: fornire conoscenze e strumenti operativi con cui studiare il comportamento meccanico e strutturale di semplici strutture in campo elastico ed in condizioni di carico statico (o ad esso riconducibili) per la progettazione di macchine biomediche.

POTION: Promoting social interaction through emotional body odours

The way chemistry influences human communication is one of the most intriguing and debated topics. More specifically, the nature of chemosignals and their sphere of influence on social interaction is a very important key to understanding human behaviour. POTION proposes a novel technological paradigm to delve deeper into understanding meaningful social interaction, combining new knowledge about the chemical composition of human social chemosignals together with a novel olfactory-based technology designed to drive social behaviour.

GIOTTO: Active aGeIng and Osteoporosis: The next challenge for smarT nanobiOmaterials and 3D technologies

Osteoporosis is a systemic, degenerative disorder, predominantly affecting postmenopausal women (1 out of 3) but also men at an advanced age (1 out of 5) and it increases the prevalence of fracture risk. One fifth of people suffering an osteoporotic fracture will die within a year and half will become dependent. Appropriate anti-osteoporotic drugs are available but have serious side effects and they do not promote fracture healing.