Manolo Garabini

Manolo Garabini graduated in Mechanical Engineering and recieved the Ph.D. degree in Robotics from the University of Pisa where he is employed as Assistant Professor. His main research interests are in the design, planning and control of soft and adaptive robots, from single joints, to ened-effectors (hands, grippers, feet), to complex multi-dof systems. A part of his activity has been devoted to theoretically demonstrate the effectiveness of soft and adaptive robots in high performance, high efficiency and resilient tasks via analytical and numerical optimization tools. He contributed to the realization of modular Variable Stiffness Actuators. He contributed in the design of the joints and the lower body of the humanoid robot WALK-MAN and partecipated at the DARPA Robotics Challenge and at a field test in Amatrice, Italy after a disastrous earthquake event. Recently he contributed to the development of an efficient and effective compliance planning algorithms for interaction under uncertainties. Currently he is the Principal Ivestigator in the THING H2020 EU Research Project for the University of Pisa.

Assistant Professor
University of Pisa
Department of Information Engineering (DII)
Research Center "E. Piaggio"
Largo Lucio Lazzarino, 1 - 56122, Pisa

Mail: manolo.grabini (at)