Nicola Carbonaro

Faculty of Engineering, University of Pisa

via Giuntini 13, c/o Polo Tecnologico

56023 Navacchio (PI), Italy

Phone +39 050 754790

Fax: +39 050 2217051

eMail: nicola.carbonaro(at)


Nicola Carbonaro was born in Messina, Italy, in 1978. He graduated from University of Pisa in December 2004 in Electronic Engineering (with aspecialization in Biomedical) having written his thesis on Design and Implementation of Wearable System for Human Posture Monitoring based on bluetoothtechnologies. In 2005 he collaborated with the Interdepartmental Research Centre E. Piaggio on the development of system for human movement andposture monitoring. From November 2005 to December 2006 he worked on the design and realization of hardware and software for acquisition andelaboration of wearable sensor for human movement analysis, within projects funded by the European Community. In December 2009 he finished the activityresearch focused on the development of wearable system for human activity classification, within the Doctorate in Information Engineering at University ofPisa, having his thesis on hand gesture classification by means of data fusion of sensorized textile and micro-inertial sensor. From January 2010 he is doing research activity related to movement analysis through the study of conductive elastomer and micro-inertial sensor. He is author of peer reviewed papers on international science journals and peer reviewed proceedings, and chapter of national books.