Nicola Carbonaro

University of Pisa

via Giuntini 13, c/o Polo Tecnologico

56023 Navacchio (PI), Italy

Phone +39 050 754790

Fax: +39 050 2217051

eMail: nicola.carbonaro(at)


Nicola Carbonaro is an Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering  (Information Engineering)  working at the Research Centre “E. Piaggio” since 2005.

He graduated from University of Pisa in December 2004 in Electronic Engineering (with Biomedical specialization) having written his thesis on Design and Implementation of Wearable System for Human Posture Monitoring based on bluetooth technologies. In 2010 he earned a PhD in Information Engineering from University of Pisa working on the development of wearable system for human activity classification. In 2009, he spent six months as a visiting researcher at the “Neural Control of Movement” Laboratory of Arizona State University.

His research is mainly focused on hardware and software development for wearable sensing technology for physiological and behavioral human monitoring.

Dr. Carbonaro has collaborated on different research projects both at a National and European level and he has published several papers, contributions to international conferences and books’ chapters.

Teaching Activities

Modulo "Sensi Naturali e Artificiali"