Robotics Science and Technology: a Brainstorming Session

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June 14-15, 2011
Aula Pacinotti
College of Engineering
University of Pisa



Alessandro De Luca

Robot collision detection and safe reaction 

Jean-Paul Laumond

On human and humanoid locomotion

Darwin Caldwell

Compliance and Humanoid Robots

Antonio Bicchi

“Embodied Intelligence” and Variable Impedance Actuation

Seth Hutchinson

A Hyperbelief Space Approach to Computing  Optimal Policies for POMDPs

Marco Gabiccini

Modeling Human and Robot Hands

Domenico Prattichizzo

Mapping human postural synergies to robots

Francois Chaumette

Recent Results in Visual Servoing

Monique Chyba

Guidance and Navigation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Using Geometric Control

Andrea Caiti

Autonomous underwater robots and distributed cooperation algorithms in a communication constrained environment: preliminary results from the field