UBORA (“excellence” in Swahili) is a new approach for co-design of innovative solutions to face the current and future healthcare challenges of Europe and Africa.

UBORA couples the open design philosophy with Europe’s leadership in quality control and safety assurance, guaranteeing better health and new opportunities for growth and innovation throughout the planet.

Through the UBORA eInfrastructure, the biomedical community can generate, exchange, improve and implement creative ideas in Biomedical Engineering underpinned by a solid safety assessment framework. Users can share open data and blueprints of biomedical devices, accompanied by the required procedures for respecting quality assurance, and evaluating performance and safety.

In 2017 UBORA laniuched a Design Competition focused on creating effective and affordable solutions which will contribute to improved child health outcomes. Students with the best ranked projects are invited to attend the Design School at Kenyatta University (Nairobi, Kenya) from 11th to 15th December 2017. Students will go thought the design process of medical devices compliant to relevant standards, by attending specific classes, workshops and lectures from outstanding speakers. Grouped in teams under the guide of expert mentors, they will prototype a medical device assigned as a challenge at the beginning of the school.