Dynamics in practice
what can we do with dynamics information?

Gentiane Venture
Distinguished Professor at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology  

February 8, h. 12.00
Aula Pacinotti

In human motion science the dynamics plays an important role.
It relates the movement of the human to the forces indispensable to achieve this movement. It also relates the human and its environment through interaction forces.
Measuring this data is not always trivial, making subject specific model is even more complicated. In the past decade we have developed solutions for the computation of the dynamic quantities of humans, based on individual (subject specific) models inspired largely by Robotics geometric and dynamic calibration. In this presentation we will present the state of the art and our latest advances in this area and show some examples of applications to both humans and humanoid robots.

Gentiane Venture
A French Roboticist working in academia in Tokyo. Her research aims at translating human body dynamics into robot behavior design to achieve personalized human robot interaction. Her work is highly interdisciplinary and she collaborates with psychologists, physiologists, neuro-scientists, designers…