Autonomous Systems Cooperation and Networking Workshop

4 Luglio 2013
Piazza Monte Grappa 4, Roma

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09.30 Welcome and registration
10:15 Mindshare and the AS Community Mindshare AS Community
10:45 Introduction to Cooperation and Networking

· From Networked Embedded Control of Cooperating Objects to the “Internet of Things”
· System Requirements: Scalability, Heterogeneity, Security, Safety
· Challenges: Robot-Robot Interactions (RRI), Human-Robot Interactions (HRI)
Antonio Bicchi (Centro Piaggio Università di Pisa)
11:15 EURobotics G. Barontini (Finmeccanica)
11:30 Coordination and communication challenges in underwater applications
· Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
· Acoustic comms & underwater networking
· Multi-vehicles autonomous surveillance and patrolling missions
Andrea Caiti (Centro Piaggio Università di Pisa)
12:00 The SMAT Project: an Advanced Environment Monitoring System, based on multiple Unmanned Air Systems
B. Tranchero (Alenia Aermacchi)
12:15 Safe and efficient Robot-Robot coordination
· Collision Avoidance: centralized vs decentralized approaches
· Rule-based coordination
· Air Traffic Management System application
· Industrial Environment application
Lucia Pallottino (Centro Piaggio Università di Pisa)
12:45 The ADM-H Project: Automatic Decision Making algorithms and techniques for coordination of Heterogeneuos teams of UxVs
S.Paoloni (MDBA)
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Secure Robot-Robot communication
· Necessary techniques to provide and maintain security in a deployed network
· Authentication and key management algorithms, Trust bootstrapping, and relationships between security,scalability, deployment, and Quality of Service;
. Cloud Robotics
Gianluca Dini (Centro Piaggio Università di Pisa)
14:30 SSI experiences in multirobot systems
F. Fedi (SSI)
14:45 From local to global awareness reconstruction: monitoring and classification applications
· Modeling Behaviours;
· Detect and reconstruct motion behaviors from local observations;
· Global awareness in sensor networks
· An automated procedure for monitoring and classification
Adriano Fagiolini (Università di Palermo)
15:15 Space Automation and Robotics: Thales Alenia Space experiences in the STEPS project
P. Pellegrino (TASI)
15:30 Media Gallery “Centro Piaggio” – Pisa University
16:00 Perimeter surveillance assisted by fixed and mobile visual sensors
P. Villella (Rekno/Otomelara)
16:15 Round Table & Conclusions