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G. Valenza, Greco, A., Citi, L., Bianchi, M., Barbieri, R., and Scilingo, E. P., Inhomogeneous point-processes to instantaneously assess affective haptic perception through heartbeat dynamics information, Scientific reports, vol. 6, 2016.
G. Valenza, Akeju, O., Pavone, K. J., Citi, L., Hartnack, K. E., Sampson, A., Purdon, P. L., Brown, E. N., and Barbieri, R., Instantaneous monitoring of heart beat dynamics during anesthesia and sedation, Journal of Computational Surgery, vol. 3, no. 13, 2014. PDF icon 2014_valenza_et_al_jcompsur_anesthesia.pdf (2.51 MB)
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G. Valenza, Wendt, H., Kiyono, K., Hayano, J., Watanabe, E., Yamamoto, Y., Abry, P., and Barbieri, R., Mortality prediction in severe congestive heart failure patients with multifractal point-process modeling of heartbeat dynamics, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol. 65, pp. 2345–2354, 2018 [Online]. Available:
A. Duggento, Passamonti, L., Valenza, G., Barbieri, R., Guerrisi, M., and Toschi, N., Multivariate Granger causality unveils directed parietal to prefrontal cortex connectivity during task-free MRI, Scientific reports, vol. 8, pp. 1–11, 2018 [Online]. Available:
G. Valenza, Garcia, R. G., Citi, L., Scilingo, E. P., Tomaz, C. A., and Barbieri, R., Nonlinear digital signal processing in mental health: characterization of major depression using instantaneous entropy measures of heartbeat dynamics, Frontiers in physiology, vol. 6, 2015.
A. Duggento, Valenza, G., Passamonti, L., Nigro, S., Bianco, M. G., Guerrisi, M., Barbieri, R., and Toschi, N., A parsimonious Granger causality formulation for capturing arbitrarily long multivariate associations, Entropy, vol. 21, p. 629, 2019 [Online]. Available:
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G. Valenza, Citi, L., Scilingo, E. P., and Barbieri, R., Point-Process Nonlinear Models with Laguerre and Volterra Expansions: Instantaneous Assessment of Heartbeat Dynamics, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, vol. 61, no. 11, pp. 2914–2926, 2013.
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